Past Presidents

1969-1971           Al Leggat, City of Detroit

1971/1972           George Rickey, City of Birmingham

1972/1973           Dean Mielke, City of Grand Rapids

1973/1974           William Dietrich, City of Detroit

1974/1975           Samuel A. Baker, City of Dearborn

1975/1976           Dudley Sherman, City of Dearborn

1976/1977           Edward D. Callaghan, Wayne
County Community College

1977/1978           Daniel J. White, Lenawee County

1978/1979           V. Carl Lawson, Detroit Public Lighting

1979/1980           Kenneth A. Johnson, City of Rochester

1980/1981           Audrey E. Richardson, City of Jackson

1981/1982           Joseph W. Fremont, City of Detroit

1982/1983           Douglas DeFrain, City of Lansing

1983/1984           Michael Benedict, City of East Lansing

1984/1985           James H. Fridd, City of Adrian

1985/1986           James B. Dunkel, Jr., Oakland County

1986/1987           Margaret LaRose, Detroit Public Library

1987/1988           Harry J. Konschuh, Washtenaw Community College

1988/1989           Susan H. Zurvalec, Lansing School District

1989/1990           Ron Dowell, Ron Dowell & Associates

1990/1991           John M. Hammang, Northern Michigan University

1991/1992           Robert A. Reeves, Washtenaw Community College

1992/1993           Ray E. Knott, Genesee County

1993/1994           Barbara Bouknight, Southfield Public Schools

1994/1995           Tony Skowronski, Michigan Assn. of School Boards

1995/1996           Ruthanne Okun, Logan, Wycoff & Okun

1996/1997           Jack Lewis, City of Adrian

1997/1998           Joseph Lybik, City of Monroe

1998/1999           Catherine Brechtelsbauer, City of Jackson

1999/2000           Scott Church, City of Trenton

2000/2001           Mary Moultrup (Kohls), City of Farmington Hills

2001/2002           Jim Hock. City of Oak Park

2002/2003           Bruce Pringle, University of Michigan

2003/2004           Mari Beth Jelks, City of Battle Creek

2004/2005           Russell Claggett, City of Battle Creek

2005/2006           Barbara Wise-Johnson, City of Detroit

2006/2007           Jim Nash, Michigan State University

2007-2008           Margaret McCrystal, Grand Valley State University

2008-2009           Joe Valentine, City of Birmingham

2009-2010           Peggy Sears, City of Troy

2010-2011            Valerie Murphy-Goodrich, City of Dearborn

2011-2012            Dave Benda, Grand Traverse County

2012-2013           Charles Cleaver, Cass County

2013-2014            Eric Herppich, Macomb County

2014-2015            Wendy Thielen, Delhi Charter Township

2015-2016            Amy Holda, Michigan State University

2016-2017            Travis Parsons, Ingham County

2017-2018             Jessica Unangst, City of Owosso

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