Honorary Members and Award Winners

Honorary Memberships

Honorary membership in the Corporation may be granted upon application and determination by a majority of the Board of Directors that such membership would be in the best interest of the Corporation.

Honorary Members
Joseph Fremont, Michigan Municipal League (2/17/2006)
Joseph Lybik, City of Monroe (2/17/2006)

Dudley Sherman Award Winners

The Dudley Sherman Award is bestowed upon MPELRA members who have made exemplary contributions to public-sector labor relations and the Michigan Public Employer Labor Relations Association.

The MPELRA Bylaws provide that “A Committee shall be established annually to consider candidates for the Dudley Sherman Award. The Committee shall consist of five (5) individuals, including the current President, who shall appoint the remaining four (4) members of the Committee from past Presidents and previous award recipients.

1982 Dudley Sherman
1983 Edward D. Callaghan
1984 Eugene F. Berrodin
1985 Arthur A. Mitchell
1988 Joseph W. Fremont
1989 Michael Benedict
1990 Harry J. Konschuh
1993 Susan Zurvalec
1996 Tony Skowronski
1997 Ruthanne Okun
2002 Cathy Brechtelsbauer, Joe Lybik
2003 Jack Lewis, Steve Stratton
2009 David Benda, Mary Kohls, Barbara Wise-Johnson
2010 Dennis B. Dubay
2012 Dana Whinnery
2013 Peggy Kohls
2016 James Nash
2017 Mari Beth Jelks
2018 Russell Claggett