Retired Member Registration


Continuing membership is open to any person who, while a member of the Association, retires from their position. A member, who retired from a position where the preponderant duties were to represent or advocate the interests of a governmental employer or a nonprofit employer engaged primarily in providing service to the public, may be a retired member by paying the dues established for retired membership.

A retired member will remain eligible for membership, except when the member becomes employed in or accepts a position to represent or advocate for an organization not eligible for membership.

If you are a member of MPELRA, please log in and some of your account information will be auto filled into the form below.

If any of the auto-filled information is incorrect, please go to your Member Account page and correct it.

Provide the name of the employer from which you retired.
Provide your former title.
Please include Employer Name, Job Title, and Starting and Ending Dates.

Acknowledgement of Membership Eligibility Requirements

By submitting this application I am confirming that I have read the above stated membership eligibility requirements and understand that my continued membership in MPELRA is contingent upon meeting these requirements, and payment of annual membership dues. I agree to promptly notify MPELRA if my employment status changes by sending updated employment information to