Membership in an MPELRA Committee is fun and interesting. It provides an opportunity for closer interaction with other members, provides a path to leadership in the organization and doesn’t require much work. All you have to do to join is contact the Committee Chair and indicate your interest. You can use the email address listed here or login and look up the phone number in the membership directory.

Annual Conference CommitteeSummit at Shanty Creek

This committee plans the annual training conference which is currently held at Shanty Creek in Bellaire, Michigan.  Members are involved in identifying topics, scheduling speakers, planning social activities, and site coordination. The committee is chaired by MPELRA’s 1st Vice President.

Chairperson:    James Mitchell      
Committee Members:

  • Catherine Brechtelsbauer
  • Jane Parpart
  • John Randle, Sr.
  • William Smith
  • Barbara Wise-Johnson
  • Jordie Kramer (Sponsorship)
  • Kim Archambault (Golf Outing)

Bylaws Committee

Potential changes to the bylaws of the MPELRA Board of Directors are researched by this committee, suggests the necessary language revisions, and ensures the board-approved is presented to the membership in a timely manner.

Chairperson:  Tony Skowronski
Committee Members:

  • Russ Claggett
  • Steve Stratton

Finance Committee

The Board created this committee to review financial policies and procedures and to work with the Treasurer to ensure succession planning.

Chairperson:    Joe Valentine    
Committee Members:

  • Jane Parpart
  • Tony Skowronski
  • Barbara Wise-Johnson

Programs Committee

Chaired by the newest MPELRA Board Officer, the 2nd Vice-President, the committee plans the one-day training sessions in March, June, and December.

Chairperson:    Richard Fanning  
Committee Members:

  • Megan Burke
  • Valerie Colbert-Osamuede
  • Jordie Kramer
  • Barbara Wise-Johnson

Membership & Marketing Committee

This is a very active committee that works to improve services and MPELRA visibility to members.  It also works with MPELRA sponsors and recommends and implements strategies to encourage new membership.

Chairperson:    Amy Holda       
Committee Members:

  • Anne Figueroa
  • Julie Laxton
  • Shelli Neumann
  • Precious Walton
  • Derrick Washington

Legislative Committee

This committee tracks legislative actions that pertain to labor relations, and advises the Board of Directors, and may provide written or oral testimony to inform legislators about the potential impact of legislation.

Chairperson:  Joe Valentine      
Committee Members:

Strategic Planning Committee

This committee facilitates the board’s strategic planning process, oversees the development of strategic planning documents, and monitors progress through periodic updates to the board.

Chairperson:  Eric Herppich      
Committee Members:

  • Rick Fanning
  • Valerie Murphy-Goodrich
  • Derrick Washington
  • Barbara Wise-Johnson

Website Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining and improving, making recommendations for improvement, and increasing the practical applications of the website.

Chairperson:    Lisa Suida         
Committee Members:

  • Dave Benda
  • John Willems
  • Barbara Wise Johnson

Manual Update Committee

This committee is in charge of coordinating the periodic updates of the MPELRA Manual.  It also coordinates the sales of the MPELRA manual to labor relations professionals and higher education. Bulk rates are available for purchases of three or more.

Chairperson: Barbara Wise-Johnson     
Committee Members:

  • Cathy Brechtelsbauer
  • Hannan Goldman
  • Brandon M. Grysko
  • Steve Schwartz
  • John Willems (editor-in-chief)

Venue Committee

The Venue Committee investigates alternative locations for Training Seminars, Board Meetings, and the Annual Conference, and reports findings to the Board of Directors to inform decisions on upcoming meetings.

Chairperson:    OPEN
Committee Members:

  • Kristine Bosley
  • Valerie Murphy Goodrich
  • Barbara Wise-Johnson

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee identifies and retains sponsors to assist in the promotion and presentation of programs and conferences for MPELRA members.

Chairperson:    Jordie Kramer            
Committee Members: