Strategic Plan

MISSION (Adopted 6/15/2007) – To provide superior education, communication and networking opportunities to promote the professional development of Michigan public sector professionals with labor relations responsibilities.

VISION – In 2012, MPELRA will be an organization that has enhanced its ability to attract and retain professionals by increasing value to, and involvement of, the membership.

Goal #1: Recruit and retain members so that MPELRA membership increases by 3% annually for the next five years.

A Increase visibility to members and potential members through consistent and aggressive marketing efforts

B Increase participation of membership in programs by 3% per year

Bring someone with you (non-member or non-participating
Call existing non-participating members to find out why
they are not involved and invite to participate
Send letter/brochure to prospective new members
Contact non-renewing jurisdictions
Contact program attendees that are not members
Visits to colleges
Contact other professional organizations
1st-Timers processes:
–Free stuff
–letter afterwards
–Contact lists of Board members and committee chairs
Investigate possiblity of regional membership divisions
Postcard with MPELRA logo – Website’s new look

Goal #2: Provide excellent services to members.

A Use technology more effectively to enhance communication, provide services and improve processes

B Provide relevant, timely, high-quality content in educational programs

C Produce and distribute excellent current publications

Make handouts available online
news available online or via email
Evaluate timing of Manual Update
Survey members to determine information needs
Put Manual on Web – View only
Continue to seek opportunities for partnerships for web content; programs
Investigate possibility of getting news from atty members
Curriculum-based learning experiences (MPELRA Academy; Certification; CEBS; Certified Labor Relations
Professional Training; Investigate CEV eligibility
Simplify Registration for conferences and events
Enhance communication with survey and other things
change website look and feel
allow job postings
FAQ section
Subject matter organization for programs/curriculum approach to programs
Review past programs to avoid repetition; ensure freshness

Goal #3: Ensure organizational and financial stability.

A Increase member involvement in leadership/committee roles so there is sufficient participation to complete tasks and prepare members for future leadership roles.

B Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of MPELRA to ensure fiscal viability and members satisfaction

C Develop a long-term financial plan to ensure ongoing fiscal viability and vision achievement.

Tasks (A B):
Develop a succession plan
Make officer/board elections transparent
Mass emails encouraging committee membership
Proactive actions by committee chairs to recruit members
Committee member lists on web; in annual report/at meetings current tasks/projects
Time (5 min) at meetings for Committee chairs to introduce members and announce
what they are working on (short committee reports)
Committee chairs responsible to update status of projects and committee membership changes on web

Tasks (C):
Comprehensive review of revenues and expenditures (programs)
Analyse program locations and attractiveness
Dues and Membership status
Investigate student membership offering
Corporate membership dues/status
Develop Sponsorship goals
Limit number of sponsors
Investigate sponsorship of quarterly meetings
Contracting for office administration duties
Establish MPELRA office; phone number
Develop long-term financial plan
Establish targets for revenue
Processing fee for credit cards
Discuss viability of a short term budget committee

The MPELRA Board of Directors Strategic Plan is a work in progress.  The current plan was adopted by the Board on May 2, 2008.